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STA141 Planishing Hammer

STA141 Planishing Hammer

Supplier Stakesys

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"Planishing" from the Latin word planus is a metalworking technique that involves finely shaping and smoothing sheet metal by hammering it against a shaped surface.

This can be with a hand held hammer over a forming head or stake, or by using a pneumatic hammer to vastly speed up the process by striking hundreds of blows per minute. Material can be planished from flat sheet or more commonly, by roughing out using a bag and mallet and then finishing with the planisher. All materials can be planished including steel, aluminium, copper or brass. The most common uses are for custom motorcycle tanks and mudguards, hot rod and classic car bodies, patch panels for car restoration or metal sculpting. They are very easy to use and take less time to learn than the Englsh Wheel.

We have what we think is the most affordable pneumatic planishing hammer on the market and all you need is a standard 50-100psi air compressor with a 4CFM capability in which to run the planisher before you can shape away.

The planisher comes equipped with floor stand, pedal assembly and 3 nickel plated anvils with 1”, 2” and 4” radii. We have also equipped the frame with a large bolt hole which can be filled with noise deadening sand if required.

  • Floor mounted stand
  • 3 nickel plated lower anvils included
  • High quality die cast foot pedal
  • Adjustable speed regulator
  • Frame filling aperture
  • Quick release lower anvil
  • Height adjustable lower anvil assembly



Product Code STA141
Hammer Speed 875 - 1350 Blows Per Minute
Operating Pressure 50-100PSI   4CFM
Air Inlet  PCL Fitting
 Dimensions L x W x H  23" x 5.5" x 48"
 Anvil to Hammer Opening  4"
 Anvil Height Adjustment  2 position with lock pin - 3/8" - 1 1/4" openings 4 position stepped 1 /16" between levels
 Anvil Sizes  1" rad, 2" rad, 4" rad
 Throat Depth  19 5/8"
 Foot Pedal L x W x H  7 1/4" x 4" x 3 1/2"
 Gross / Net Weights  26 / 24kg